Design Services Furniture Design that's Thoughtful, Unique, and Striking.

I'm not your typical industrial designer - my approach considers not just where we've been, but where we're going. In both intent and execution, my work is timeless, practical, and visually engaging. I am available for design commissions from interested parties, whether they be individuals, interior designers, retailers or entrepreneurs. If you want something just a little bit different, I'm your guy. Contact me.

Existing Designs Available by Licensing Agreement

The products below were previously only available directly from my own workshop, but given that I'm scaling down, I am making the rights to these designs available for purchase. The standard agreement is for the right to make 1 unit of furniture to the design in the drawings supplied, for which a License number will be issued and recorded. To make further units of that design (or to amend the license terms to grand exclusive rights or ownership), further License numbers will need to be purchased.

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